Installing windows 10?

My laptop has a blank harddrive, it says insert bootable disk, and press any key to continue, I bought windows 10 and little did I know it comes on a USB.. how can I get it to load the USB rather then a disk?Are you saying that they sent you a USB stick with Windows […]

Why does this batch file outputs "Access is denied" when I execute it?

Update: the code is: { @echo off :: variables set backupdir=E:\different data\downloads -un catogrized set backupcmd=move echo ### Moving downloads content… %backupcmd% "C:\Users\nadir\Downloads" "%backupdir%\" echo Moving data complete! @pause }Presumably because the account you're using to run the file doesn't have write permissions on the C:\Users\nadir\Download\ folder. Either manually add the user's permissions to that […]

Please help! How to download RAM to my laptop?

You don't download RAM to any computer. RAM sticks are hardware that must be installed on the motherboard inside your computer. And your laptop may or may not even be able to accept more RAM. You can ask at a local computer repair shop about the possibility, or go to the crucial website and download […]

Want a computer without Windows 10?

Is thee any computer I can buy without Windows 10 preinstalled? I hate itmany mac computers don't have windows, if you go into a small computer shop they can put Linux mint or Ubuntu on your computer which is like windows, they might still have an old copy of windows 7 lying around if your […]

Can I copy Windows on a usb?

I need to copy windows from my pc and make it an iso and but it in a usb so I can install it on my other pcYou'd have to download the ISO file. You can't copy Windows itself onto a USB & even if you did it wouldn't be able to be used as […]

Copyright Help! Serious Answer (Best Answer)?

A friend of mine has created an intro for a YouTube Channel far back when it was young. However, after an argument, the friend placed a copyright claim on each video with his created intro. Is this legally viable? Please explain how to get around this… Serious please.The answer depends upon the specific circumstances. For […]

How do you get YouTube to come film you?!?

I have been calling and calling YouTube but there's no answer. I have so many ideas and tricks that I want to share on YouTube but nobody from YouTube will come film me. How do you guys get it to come film you?The videos on YouTube were all shot by people associated with those videos. […]

YouTube Gaming Channel.. do i have a chance?

Hello everyone SO!Gaming is my life, most of my day i spent on gaming and I can't have a day without it, It's my passion it's my life and my love XDSo … I thought to myself .. well.. since I love gaming why not to make a gaming channel…and who knows it might work […]